Corporate Finance Advisors offers a menu of service tailored to your company's specific needs. Choose the service that addresses a particular concern or opt for Trusted Financial Advisor, our comprehensive suite of financial service.

Trusted Financial Advisor

Trusted Financial Advisor is CFA's unique, cost effective service that provides tailored high level support for comprehensive, disciplined financial management of your firm. The service includes continuously updated valuations and proprietary financial projections of your firm. It provides ongoing analysis and support for all acquisitions and all other major corporate finance decisions. In short, you get all the support and tools required to properly analyze and execute your growth strategy - all for one economical monthly retainer with no hidden success fees.
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Fair Market Valuation

Unbiased fair market valuations of your company for use in ESOPs, stock option plans, private transfers of ownership, litigation support, fairness opinions, mergers of multiple agencies, and buyouts of partners.

Financial Analysis

Tailored, a la carte services for issues of perpetuation, producer recruitment, and other material conerns.